Advera® WMA can be used in all asphalt mixes to increase profit and reduce headaches. No longer just a warm mix additive, Advera® WMA has proven its benefits when being used with mix produced at hot or warm temperatures.

  • Advera® WMA is used to increase profit by increasing recycled asphalt shingles (RAS) and reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP) usage
    • Pretreat as a stockpile aid
    • Improve consistency of the mix
    • Increase your profit by reducing virgin binder
  • Utilize in Every Mix/Every Day
    • Faster compaction and more consistent densities - at any temperature or mix
      • Tough mixes like SMA, Highly polymer modified, rubber mixes, thin lifts
      • Private customers will love the hand-work, even with increased recycle
    • Longer hauls and cold weather paving
      • Private customers can haul all day and use the whole load
    • Reduce temperature and save on energy

If Warm Mix Asphalt is required, Advera® WMA is the premiere choice. One of the first technologies used in the USA, and over a million tons of true warm mix placed. Advera® WMA is easy to use with no concerns of changes in the chemistry of the binder - no narrow dosage, production range, or interaction with various binder modifiers like PPA.




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